Values and Mission


RUCK develops, produces, and distributes products and solutions for the foot care and cosmetics industry. The guiding principles of your family business are naturalness, honesty, responsibility, and competence.


Here at RUCK, we work together to make sure that the customer always comes first. In order to achieve this aim, we consider each part equally important, just as it is natural in a healthy organism.


On our company building's rooftops we collect up to 16,000 litres of rainwater in a cistern to use it for the flushing of our toilets. We have also installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of our warehouse to harness the sun’s power and produce electricity. When shipping our goods within Germany to our customers, we use DHL’s “GOGREEN” option, making this specific carbon footprint 100% climate neutral. We make sure that our catalogues and other print-material is only printed on paper that is FSC and PEFC certified; i.e. for this paper only wood from sustainable forestry has been used. Whenever possible or economically feasible, we cooperate with local and regional partners. Among those are also two sheltered workshops.

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