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Expand your knowledge in a holiday area

Northern Black Forest Museum in Neuenbürg’s Castle (“Schloss Neuenbürg”)

The cultural history of the castle, the town, and the Northern Black Forest region is brought to life in Schloss Neuenbürg in a very special way. This season, the focus is on Wilhelm Hauff’s (1802- 1827) Black Forest fairy tale “The cold heart”. Visitors will experience the fairy tale in a passable theatre, walking through six rooms where the story is presented and highlighted by backdrops, light, and sound.

Also, the castle offers a museum shop and an all-day open restaurant. The castle’s garden with its ruins offers beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Schloss Neuenbürg

Hotel - Restaurant " Zur Alten Mühle " – the fresh fish restaurant in the Black Forest

Our culinary excursion tip: The family-run restaurant "Zur alten Mühle" with its “Mill wheel partour” (Mühlradstüble) and sun terrace. Here, you will be served freshly caught homebred trout, chars, and carps.

Hotel - Restaurant Zur alten Mühle

Exhibition mine “Frischglück”

Take the hiking trail from Hellmut Ruck GmbH to Neuenbürg’s "Frischglück" mine. Here, you will find one of those legendary, old iron ore mines where miners were digging for iron in hard labour. Let yourself be swept away into the darkness of the earth, in tunnels and shafts of the old iron ore mine.

Bergwerk Frischglück

Unique experience in Pforzheim’s “Worlds of Jewellery” (“Schmuckwelten”)

In an ambience that has no equal in Europe, you will experience unexpected shopping possibilities. How does gold taste - how how does it feel like? Come and visit Europe’s largest world of experience for gold, precious stones, jewellery, and watches on over 4.000 sqm.

Schmuckwelten Pforzheim

Dip in and relax

PALAIS THERMAL – a sensuous and beautiful Roman bath with nostalgic bathes and elegant yet modern sauna and wellness areas.

Visitors experience the renaissance of fantastic bath experiences in nostalgic common pools, which are all fed from Wildbad’s thermal sources. A varied sauna world with Tepidarium, Roman steam baths, and an oriental event sauna with desert garden all promise unparalleled relaxation. It is true what guests always say about Palais Thermal: You arrive stressed out - and you leave totally relaxed.




Please note: the special conditions stated are only available for our customers; therefore, please inform the hotel that you are a participant of a RUCK seminar when booking your accommodation.

Should you travel by train, we would be happy to pick you up from Neuenbürg’s train station.


Should you wish to make use of this service, please be so kind as to inform us either by telephone or by e-mail one week at the latest prior to your arrival (Phone +49 7082 944-2236 / e-mail: The pick-up service operates to/from main station Neuenbürg (Enz)

Room rental
Katrin Mann + Erwin Nagorka

Hindenburgstraße 38
75339 Höfen/Enz

Phone: +49 7081 - 780 36

Bed and breakfast:
EZ € 28,00
Overnight stay without breakfast:
EZ € 23,00

  • Arrival by train:
    Exit stop train station “Höfen”
  • The train station is in close proximity to the accommodation

Hotel "Ochsen"

Bahnhofstr. 24
75339 Höfen

Phone +49 7081 - 52 68
Fax +49 7081 - 74 93

Bed and breakfast ab:
EZ € 75,00
DZ € 56,00 p.P.

abzgl. 10 % Nachlass auf den reinen Übernachtungspreis.

  • Arrival by train:
    Exit stop train station “Höfen”
  • The train station is in close proximity to the hotel
  • The hotel has its own SPA

Hotel "Zur alten Mühle"

Im Gänsbrunnen
75305 Neuenbürg

Phone +49 7082 - 9 240 0
Fax: +49 7082 - 9 240 99

Bed and breakfast ab:
EZ € 79,00 per night / € 69,00 from two nights
DZ € 60,50 p.P. per night / € 57,00 p.P. from two nights

  • Arrival by train:
    Exit stop “Eyachbrücke”
  • You may use this hotel's own driver service who will take you to RUCK in the mornings, should you not travel by car. Please be sure to book this service with the hotel.

Hotel-Landgasthof "Birkenfelder Hof"

Silcherstr. 1 - 3
775217 Birkenfeld

Phone +49 7231 - 47 19 44
Fax: +49 7231 - 28 13 46

Bed and breakfast ab:
Im Stammhaus
EZ € 58,00
DZ € 42,50 p.P.
EZ € 74,00
DZ € 54,50 p.P.

Pension "Kübler"

Liebenzeller Str. 47
75339 Höfen

Phone +49 7081 - 55 82

Bed and breakfast from: € 25,00

  • Arrival by train:
    Exit stop train station “Höfen”

Hotel Pension "Heidi"

Neuenbürger Str. 27
75335 Dobel

Phone +49 7083 - 29 25
Fax: 0+49 7083 - 516 78

Bed and breakfast:
EZ € 42,00
DZ € 33,00 p.P.

  • Please conditions for long-term stays

Hotel Moknis
Palais Hotels & Spa

Am Kurplatz 4-6
75323 Bad Wildbad

Phone +49 7081 - 30 10
Fax: +49 7081 - 30 11 66

Bed and breakfast:
Im Rossini
EZ € 80,00
DZ € 76,00 p.P.
Im Badhotel
EZ € 87,00
DZ € 83,00 p.P.

  • Please conditions for long-term stays.
  • The hotel room charge of “Rossini” and “Badhotel” both include unlimited access to the “Palais Thermal” (except on the day of departure).