RUCK® Visitenkarten kundenindividuell

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RUCK macht auch Druck! Ihre Visitenkarten mit professionellem Anspruch gestalten wir individuell auf der Vorderseite mit Ihren Kontaktdaten – für die Rückseite wählen Sie...

Terminkarte 2-seitig

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Terminkärtchen mit Platz für Stempel und 5 Behandlungstermine. Eine ideale Visitenkarte Ihrer Praxis mit doppeltem Nutzen. So haben Ihre Kunden Adresse und Termine immer...

RUCK® Sign "Missed Appointments" Positioner

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Unpleasant things can be often easier conveyed through written notes. Unfortunately, short-term cancelling of appointments are a common problem. You can prevent this problem...

RUCK® Index Card "Cosmetic"

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Skin condition, skin type, preparations - from the first anamnesis until to the treatment documentations - all in one card.

RUCK® Medical Card, first findings

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The RUCK® Medical History Card is for the first findings. The clear organization shows the clear questionnaire of a anamnesis. Medical history, medications and general health...

RUCK® Continuation Sheet for Index Card

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Card to small? The continuous sheet helps! Simply inserted into the index card.

RUCK® Index Card "Foot"

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Clear and functional - patient documentation on one card with a pocket in the inside for prescriptions etc. Alphabet line at the top.

RUCK® Letterhead

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For the free correspondence with for example, customers, insurance companies and doctors. High- quality letter paper in DIN A4 portrait format, suitable for any printer (inkjet-...

RUCK® Treathmet Chart for the Doctor

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It should be taken seriously: Inform the doctor about a foot treatment, especially problems- or medical conditions should be clarified. Pad with back board to support.

RUCK® Therapy Report

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For a good and practical cooperation between praticioner and doctor. Especially in case of risk patients, the treating doctor should be informed about the foot care measures....

RUCK® Payment Agreement Sheet

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The patient agreement is an important part for self- protection against potential claims of your customers. Actually, a "must" before any initial treatment. Of course, there is...

RUCK® Patients Information Sheet

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A very important information for the correct anamnesis. The customers document on paper their status and indicate their problems. The question selection is tested professionally...