RUCK’s practice furnishings offer so much more than just chairs and stools. Be amazed by our complete solutions including ingenious lighting concepts. Our modular practice furniture provides a variety of solutions for every room - from reception desks to hygienic lines. RUCK offers highest quality for your treatment centre, from cost-efficient chairs with hydraulic systems to electrically controlled comfort beds. Stools, magnifying lamps, foot care devices - RUCK sets trends in all areas. NEW: The RUCK SONORA wellness concept. Lasting impressions successfully affect your customers. New wellness experiences with themed treatments that appeal to all senses.

Beauty chairs

The chair takes centre stage in your treatments. RUCK chairs unite innovative functions, high quality, and modern design, thus providing the perfect base for professional foot carers or beauticians. Ergonomics in perfection and practice-oriented handling are the result of 85 years of professional experience. Manufactured conforming to MPG regulations (German Medical Device Act) and certified by the German TÜV authority.

Working stools

Relaxed sitting postures for the relief of backs and legs. All RUCK working stools offer high-level ergonomic features. Upon trying the stool out, you will quickly feel the difference it will make in your daily work. RUCK offers a wide range of suitable models for each intended use. All models - from compact swivel stools to bespoke BIOSWING treatment chairs - are of the best material quality and workmanship.

Reception | display furniture

Treat your walls to some character! The RUCK® slat elements are both decorative and practical for product presentation. Many practices are small and the space in reception or waiting areas is limited. Expand your space by making use of your walls! Create additional presentation surfaces with RUCK® slatwall panels. Additional multi-purpose holders and brackets will turn your slatwalls into display all-rounders. Brochures, products, hand-made brace models: use acrylic boxes or blister pack hooks to take your items up to your customers’ eye level.


Light is not just bright. The correct workstation lighting considerably affects your efficiency and general well-being. In cooperation with WALDMANN Lichttechnik we have developed flexible light concepts with optimized luminosity. The unique design and high functionality of the PODOLOG circle lights won one of the coveted “reddot design awards”.


26200 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® MOON professional, CPL weiß

1012601 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® MOON professional, Nussbaum

1012503 Studio + practice furnishings

Set-Angebot RUCK® Wellness- und Kosmetikliege...

1405001 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® STELLA 3 Single- Color Set Offer

1410101 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® STELLA 3 Two Colors Set Offer

1410001 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® MOON comfort Complete Offer- Set CPL...

1410701 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® MOON comfort Complete Offer Walnut

1410601 Studio + practice furnishings

RUCK® Wellness- and Cosmetic Couch SONORA...

3225101 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® MOON master Set Offer CPL white

1410901 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® MOON master Set Offer Walnut

1410801 Studio + practice furnishings

PODOLOG® STELLA 3, Single- Color

1012801 Studio + practice furnishings