The “high art” of podiatry is particularly apparent in its special techniques. Podiatric expertise is quite unknown in general medicine, which gives podiatrists an edge over medical doctors. A perfect opportunity to put all the advantages of this medical profession forward. For example in nail correction: For many years now, the brace technique in podiatric treatment is a medically feasible and almost pain-free alternative for patients. We will provide you with all common methods and products for nail correction. Cryotherapy is a proven and relatively painless technique to freeze warts. Convincing results can be quickly achieved even without systemic treatment and its related problems.


The correction brace ORTOGRIP professional uses the reliable VHO Osthold principle; this is a 3-part brace with a twistable mid-section loop to exactly dose the traction. Even medical doctors and health insurances were impressed by this method, and a dissertation about this subject (by Dr. Jörg Harrer) proves the braces’ high efficiency. Can good things be improved? “Yes, we can!” In cooperation with Elvira Osthold, RUCK’s developer team has created a new brace system, while maintaining all advantages of the “Osthold technique” and enhancing it even further through improved handling and clarity.


For many years now, the well-proven “Goldstadt brace” plays an integral part in professional foot care. Versatility, user friendliness and last but not least the attractive appearance make this a real treat among the different brace models available on the market. The GOLDSTADT professional brace represents not only the next generation of brace design but also a new dimension of product development. By popular customer demand we are proud to present: a brace finished for every intended purpose. Three designs in five widths, respectively, provide the perfect brace for each nail.

RUCK® NAIL CORRECTION teaching models

To correctly learn the brace technique, RUCK has a range of synthetic toe models made from a strong and nail-resembling material. All models can be affixed with a special table mounting. The perfect training medium for brace techniques.

RUCK® INSTRUMENTE Seitenschneider

23046 Nail correction + modelling

B/S-Spangen Classic Magnet Rondell Starter

23207 Nail correction + modelling

RUCK® Wound Care and Strapping Nail Fold...

7441201 Nail correction + modelling

RUCK® Wound Care and Strapping Nail Fold...

7441101 Nail correction + modelling

peclavus® special Orthonyxia Balm

55451 Nail correction + modelling

peclavus® special Nail Compound Cleaner

55435 Nail correction + modelling

peclavus® special Nail Compound

55434 Nail correction + modelling

Stencil Paper simple

41610 Nail correction + modelling

Stencil Paper reinforced

41148 Nail correction + modelling

RUCK® Curing Lamp with 1 Tube

41143 Nail correction + modelling

RUCK® Hygiene Einleger

4109901 Nail correction + modelling

RUCK® Mobile Curing Lamp with 2 tubes + Timer

41004 Nail correction + modelling