Professional nail design is about groomed nails and artful nail creations instead of long glittering claws. There is a clear trend towards “less is more”. The traditional “French manicure nails” enjoy a comeback, enhanced by subtle pastels. In addition, berry, earth, and watercolours are currently up-to-date. This is a great advantage for all nail care professionals since caring for the natural nail provides the perfect nail design base. Make use of this fact, since more and more home kits for nail design are available, a trend that does not increase your customer pool. Promote yourself and your services for basic nail care - you are a professional!

Nails in line with the current trend

RUCK nail varnishes are always up-to-date with current fashion trends. We make sure that you can always offer your customers a trend-conforming range of nail varnishes. The product displays let you effectively present your nail varnishes for easy selling.

Decorative ideas for feet and nails

There is no contradiction here: Decorative accessories for perfectly groomed nails - on the nails and around the ankles. RUCK provides a selection of pretty accessories to further expand your selling point. Professional nail care is mandatory - decorative accessories for nails and feet are the icing on the cake.

Cosmetic instruments

The cosmetics business involves many manual aspects and like any other trade, it has its own suitable “tools”. For all aspects of nail treatment, RUCK provides the perfect files, brushes, and spot swirls. Our own cosmetics specialists who personally pre-select the range guarantee top quality. Only products that pass their critical scrutiny will be selected for our range.

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RENATUR by RUCK® Nail Polish trio "basic"

41243 Nail care + design

RENATUR by RUCK® Nail Polish trio

4124201 Nail care + design

peclavus® hand Profi-Feile kurz

5631001 Nail care + design

Handcreme Macadamia Honig | Schützen

5630801 Nail care + design

Handcreme Orange Eisenkraut | Pflegen

5630701 Nail care + design

Handcreme Wildrose | Regenerieren

5630401 Nail care + design

Handpeeling Neutral | Basis

5630301 Nail care + design

Nagelöl Macadamia Honig | Schützen

5630201 Nail care + design

Nagelöl Orange Eisenkraut | Pflegen

5630101 Nail care + design