Mobile foot care, i.e. difficult working conditions. For many years now, RUCK offers practical aids to feasibly improve your working conditions. Our latest innovation: RUCK MOBILSYSTEM. Our team of developers wanted more than to “just” present new products. The problematic field of “mobile foot care” was thoroughly analysed and approached with a fresh mind. The result is a truly capable system for mobile use. Naturally, we continue to offer compact transport cases in different configurations, together with RUCK’s clever footrest, and the ingenious magnifying lamp PODOLOG circle. RUCK works to always improve and facilitate your daily work.

Unpack - connect up - and you're ready!

Our case solutions help you get started quickly and easily. Safe transport, adequate storage space, and lighting - everything you require for your mobile services can be found in our transport cases and bags. The choice is yours when selecting your motor, depending on your needs for comfort and pricing. You can see and feel for yourself that all concepts profit from our many years of experience.

Sit comfortably - support safely.

Proper seating and a safe footrest are important accessories for at home visits. Of course, RUCK has its own solutions and innovative products. The folding SYSTEM CHAIR provides solid seating when unfolded. The RUCK footrest is especially useful: foot carer friendly placing of the foot or rather dangling at the knee joint? Both options are possible.

Wheeling instead of carrying

Equip your cases with wheels, easily done with our transport trolley with telescopic handle. Need to also transport the odd beverage crate or bulky shopping? Let the transport trolley be your solution, it's light and stable with strong clamping rubber to affix the goods safely. CLAX Mobil is ideally suited for visits in nursing homes and hospitals. Be ready to go with the trolley featuring two transport levels for the case and the equipment.

Clear sight

PODOLOG CIRCLE Mobil is your best bet when looking for good lighting and high magnifying performance during your domiciliary visits. PODOLOG CIRCLE Mobil can be affixed in many ways; either integrated in the case, with a holder at the CLAX Mobil, at the footrest, etc. Highly efficient state-of-the-art LED technology provides perfect illumination; the distortion-free magnifying glass ensures clear views.

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