Tradition has a special meaning where instruments are concerned: The manufactures of Solingen are world-renowned and can be traced back as far as the 13th century - RUCK has at least 85 years of practice oriented know-how to offer. Their combination forms a solid basis for instruments of the highest quality. Every instrument is manufactured to our specifications and individually checked in Solingen or Tuttlingen by superb forges and grinding shops. Only the best German quality surgical grade steel is used in order to adhere to the high standards of medical application. Our instruments are produced in line with the standards ISO Norm 9001/2000 and ISO 13485 for medical products.

Foot carer’s universal genius

The nail nipper is the most universal instrument in foot care. Its special form allows uninterrupted working in both directions. The shortened cutting form allows effective and efficient cutting. The nipper tips provide exact cutting results deep into the nail fold. RUCK offers a choice of 10 different models of the finest manufacturing quality.

To the corners

Successful treatment of nail corners not only requires a skilful podiatrist but also suitable instruments. RUCK offers a choice of 22 models for every intended use. From delicate to highly robust - the instruments are as different as nail conditions can be. RUCK stands for a wide product range and high quality.

Nippers for precision work

Finest cuts across the entire blade - tissue nippers are top performers. To apply more pressure, models with smooth handles are to be preferred, for precise work scissor type nippers are more advantageous. One thing is sure: RUCK instruments are always the right choice.

High performance blades

Despite the fact that blades are disposed of after use - they are still high quality products. Naturally, all RUCK blades are certified as medical products. In practice, the steel quality, edge retention, and elasticity will make the difference in satisfactory work results. RUCK offers a range of handle models for all common blade forms.