RUCK’s products for pressure relief are high quality and field-tested. The entire range of ready-made pressure relief material is both proven and innovative. Generally, there is a distinction between friction and pressure protection. Primarily, corns and calluses are caused by friction. This friction can be reduced with area-wide padding, e.g. with toe caps and interdigital padding (for corns between the digits). The pressure relief is intended to prevent the effected area from further pressure and friction.


Appropriate and effective aids for the most common pressure and friction problems. Whether you choose foam material or felt - two things are always right: quality and price. Each product was tested extensively and conforms to the requirements for medical products. You will find your perfect product for your costumers’ most “pressing” problems with RUCK PRESSURE PROTECTION. We are happy to answer your questions regarding product application or special intended purposes.


Soft to the skin, forceful against pressure. The thermoplastic polymer gel is extremely soft and highly versatile. RUCK PRESSURE PROTECTION smartgel is a 100 % medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, anti-allergic, dermatologically tested, anti-fungal, and tried and tested for the use in orthopaedic products. Due to its thermal properties, the gel will easily and optimally conform to any form. The slow release of mineral oil and vitamins softens and moisturises the skin.


Relieve, protect, and care. The medical-grade silicone features various advantages, since it is resistant to most chemicals and thus disinfectant resistant. Furthermore, silicone has higher gas permeability than other synthetics and remains almost entirely dry. RUCK PRESSURE PROTECTION silicon products are free of pollutants and well tolerated and therefore meet the highest requirements.


Bespoke pressure relief. This is a top range two-component orthotic insole, available in three hardness grades. From just two components and without aggressive solvents, you can make dimensionally stable high-viscosity silicone orthotics with a plane surface. All three hardness degrees can be combined with each other; so it is possible to adjust the shell contour, e.g. super soft on the inside and stable on the outside. The slightly moisturising properties reduce friction and shear forces. Of course, this product conforms to the MPG regulations (German Medical Device Act) and is registered as a medical product.

LIGASANO Roll Spenderbox unsteril

34148 Dressings + pressure protection

LIGASANO Roll Spenderbox unsteril

34147 Dressings + pressure protection

LIGASANO Roll Spenderbox unsteril

34146 Dressings + pressure protection

LIGASANO Roll Spenderbox unsteril

34145 Dressings + pressure protection

LIGASANO Zehenschlauch unsteril

34142 Dressings + pressure protection

LIGASANO Verbandstoff unsteril

34140 Dressings + pressure protection

Prontosan Wundgel

29191 Dressings + pressure protection

Prontosan Wundspray

29190 Dressings + pressure protection

RUCK® rolo Fußroller

44180 Dressings + pressure protection

Ringer Lactate Lösung Ecolav

34087 Dressings + pressure protection

RUCK® DRUCKSCHUTZ smartgel Zehenteiler mit...

7331201 Dressings + pressure protection

RUCK® DRUCKSCHUTZ smartgel Hammerzehenpolster...

7321201 Dressings + pressure protection