During their examinations, Public Health Authorities focus on possible germ transmission from one patient to the next. Therefore, in your own best interest, be prepared. Hygiene management procedures in practices span from personal protection to correct instrument preparation. RUCK specializes in comprehensive expert systems that take all relevant guidelines and requirements into account. We do not content ourselves with mere product recommendations but continuously provide updated information on this highly relevant subject. Please refer to “Hygiene experts” to find all the relevant information you might require. Hygiene management is important - for you and for us.

Your own health and patient safety

Take care of yourself and keep your patients’ safety in mind. Germs present a health risk to your eyes, your breathing organs, and your entire organism. To protect yourself and your patients properly, many guidelines and regulations, e.g. issued by professionals’ associations, need to be adhered to. Our products all observe the standards required. Safety glasses and a face mask protect against grinding particles, disposable gloves prevent germ transmission, disposable aprons help to safely dispose of grinding residues - with its range of protective items RUCK puts your and your patients’ health and safety first.

There is always the next treatment

Safe instrument preparation is an important part of hygiene procedures. As a matter of fact, all patients expect instruments to be free of their predecessors’ germs, however, this is still a problem often criticized by Public Health Authorities. RUCK provides exact information and explanation on the many forms of correct disinfection, sterilization, and cleaning, and the perfect products to suit your requirements. Safe hygiene methods - for you a must, for us an obligation.

How to correctly disinfect your work area

The floor is not the only surface. Your entire work area is subject to surface disinfection. Treatment chair, devices, magnifying lamp, and cabinets - all is subject to germ contamination and must be properly disinfected prior to the next treatment. It is mandatory to consequently wipe-down the work area with disinfectant before treating the next patient. The floor needs to be disinfected at least once per working day. Do not forget the waiting area and the door handles. Here, germs can also be transmitted.

Correctly organize your hygiene procedures

When organizing your hygiene area, it is essential to observe the correct instrument preparation procedure. The general procedure direction is from “unclean” to “clean”. This is how the process should be organized. Here, RUCK’s hygiene line provides an intelligent solution. All elements are constructed to allow easy disinfection with plane surfaces that are disinfectant resistant and easy to clean. Perfect in their every detail, sink, waste bin, and instrument trays can be easily integrated.

RUCK® Ultrasonic Cleaner

2944301 Disinfection + hygiene

RUCK® Instruments Disinfectant Ready-To-Use...

2944201 Disinfection + hygiene

RUCK® Fleece wipes MAXI ready- to- use...

2944101 Disinfection + hygiene

RUCK® Fleece wipes MAXI ready- to- use

2944001 Disinfection + hygiene

Ecolab Incidin Liquid Spray

2911901 Disinfection + hygiene

Dispenser for RUCK® Disposal Face Mask

29089 Disinfection + hygiene

RUCK® Eraser for instruments "Delta"

20068 Disinfection + hygiene


46027 Disinfection + hygiene


3901701 Disinfection + hygiene


3901601 Disinfection + hygiene