RUCK is committed to the holistic treatment and care of human beings. Our company is world-renowned as a specialist in podiatry and care products. We consider cosmetics and wellness to be meaningful supplements and enhancements on the way to holistic care concepts. This creates additional opportunities for foot carers and podiatrists, helps to generate additional earnings but also taps into new customer groups and strengthens customer retention. We are happy to advise you on new and promising ways to expand your work.

Eyes are the mirror of your soul

This is why beautiful and silky shining eyelashes and brows are so important. Unfortunately, they are also impacted by environmental influences and by age, as well. RUCK’s eyelash tints provide an effective solution. Lasting colour up to the tips, new glow for dull and grey hair, and exact colour definition for brows. This gives your eyes the perfect “frame” and renders mascara useless since the tinting has a long-term effect.

Unwanted hair removal with sugar

Sugar paste was even popular with the Ancient Egyptians. They did not only use sugar for cosmetic applications but also gently removed unwanted body hair. Today, the modern and technological development of the sugar paste provides all sorts of treatments - from acne and cellulite treatment to perfect hair removal results.

RUCK’s mesoporation - skin rejuvenation without side effects

To date, mesoporation is the most effective method to take macromolecular active ingredients in to lower skin layers. This is a needle-free treatment without unwanted side effects; the surface of the skin is disturbed and the cells are able to open temporarily, creating tiny moisture channels which make it possible to transport large quantities of high molecular agents into the deeper skin layers. Mesoporation increases the skin’s absorption capability approximately by the factor 100, and the skin cells can almost completely absorb the applied active ingredients.

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