Experienced beauticians yield up to 30% of their total sales from selling consumables. Why should this not be possible in professional foot care, too? Profit from this additional source of income. RUCK provides you with a broad range of useful and very inexpensive articles to present to your customers. Naturally, the professional treatment is what really matters to your customers; however, additional offers will not only directly increase your yield but also document that you are up-to-date with customer marketing. Follow the market trends by opening up new areas of business. Develop your sales capacities - we are happy to support you.

RUCK® Natural soaps

Southern France looks back on a long soap manufacturing tradition. RUCK® natural soaps are produced from natural raw materials in a small manufacture in Provence. The soaps do not include animal fats or mineral oil, they are made from vegetable oils, tinted with natural pigments, and finished with luxurious essential oils. Available in various scents and forms.

Small gifts, neatly wrapped

Our small organza bags have become real top sellers. No wonder, since they handsomely envelope small customer gifts. The gift is visible through the semi-opaque delicate mesh material, which is available in strong colours. This stylish small bag adds extra value.

Treat your friends to special care

With RUCK’s gift vouchers classy presents are readily available. This is a good way to offer your services and your treatments. We have even more gift ideas for you to spark additional customer retention. It’s the thought that counts - our range of exceptional present ideas makes it easy to treat your customers.

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