Shipping costs

§ 4 Shipping, transfer-of-risk costs, transport and packaging costs

(1) RUCK may freely select the transport route and means, unless the customer opts for delivery by RUCK-ZUFUHR (RUCK’s inhouse carrier), an external carrier or the Express shipping options listed in § 4, paragraph (4). Dispatch takes place at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer also bears the risk of transport if the shipping costs are borne by RUCK as an exception.

(2) The risk of accidental deterioration or accidental loss of the goods sold passes to the customer once the RUCK shipment has been handed over to the transport carrier or forwarder, Deutsche Post/DHL or companies commissioned by them, some other parcel service or otherwise to a certain person for carrying out dispatch, but at the latest upon leaving our warehouse. If the goods are ready for dispatch and the readiness for dispatch was announced to the customer, but the dispatch or acceptance is delayed for reasons for which the customer is responsible, the risk is transferred to the customer already upon announcement of readiness for dispatch.

(3) The information for the domestic shipping costs by RUCK are net prices plus the respective statutory value-added tax. For shipments of goods up to 31.5 kg, RUCK charges a flat rate for packaging and shipping costs of €5.00. For net invoice amounts of €150.00 and up, RUCK provides free packaging and shipping. Orders that are placed on the RUCK online shop can be completed within promotional periods without the flat charge for packaging and shipping.

In derivation to the domestic shipping costs, the flat rate for packaging and shipping costs for Switzerland is €20.00 and does not apply when the net invoice amount exceeds €250.00.
The flat rate for packaging and shipping costs for Austria is €7.00 and does not apply when the net invoice amount exceeds €200.00.

The cost of delivery of practice equipment by RUCK-ZUFUHR (RUCK’s inhouse carrier) is €150.00 throughout all of Germany (amount for the same delivery type to Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg is €200.00 net). RUCK-ZUFUHR cannot be offered for other countries. It includes installation, training and packaging disposal. Furniture assembly is not included (such as RUCK reception desk, RUCK hygiene line, cosmetics furniture, etc.). The installation costs of certain autoclaves, which are set up by RUCK itself or the manufacturing company itself, are also included in the delivery charges. In case of domestic delivery by an external carrier, RUCK bears the delivery costs to the kerb.

(4) RUCK delivers in commercially common packaging; special customer delivery wishes (such as Express delivery) will be billed to domestic customers in addition to the regular shipping costs (€5.00, see paragraph 3):

DPD Express Delivery before 8:30 AM / €35.00
DPD Express Delivery before 10:00 AM / €12.00
DPD Express Delivery before noon / €7.00
DPD Express Delivery by 6:00 PM / €4.00
DPD Express Delivery by noon on Saturday / €25.00
Shipping as DHL cash-on-delivery shipment / €3.60
(plus €2.00 delivery fee)
RUCKZUCK package – processing on the same day / €5.00

DHL Delivery to Switzerland / €20.00
DHL Delivery to Austria €7.00

Packaging and shipping charges for other countries, as well as any express surcharges, are billed according to cost.

(5) Value-added tax is also charged for shipping and handling charges.

(6) Transport and all other packaging, according to the packaging regulations, will not be taken back, except reusable pallets. The customer is obliged to provide for disposal of the packaging at his own expense.