RUCK’s seminars

Knowledge transfer without occupational borders

As training organizer we do not draw a line between podiatrists and cosmetic foot care providers (exception reflexology according to Marquardt). All our seminars are available to you whether you are a podiatrist or not. However, you have to be aware of the fact that mere podiatric treatment methods will only be done by podiatrists in our practice in compliance with the public health authority and the current legislation.

Training points for our seminars

You only have to consider training points when you are approved by health insurances. Every medical service provider is obliged to “collect points”, and therefore, all podiatrists who treat patients based on medical prescription, are, too. 48 points need to be accumulated within four years. Actually, the training points should only be available for services approved by the health insurances (e.g. treatment of diabetic feet), however, our points are granted as per seminar duration, which is also health insurance approved.


The new standard in nail correction


ORTOGRIP professional and GOLDSTADT professional brace

The application of braces to correct nails (orthonyxie) looks back on quite a history. This is a proven method for sustainable and pain-free corrections for a number of problematic nail changes and diseases. We present you with two new brace systems, ORTOGRIP professional and GOLDSTADT professional, providing innovative techniques that facilitate your introduction into this special field of foot care. Treatment brochures, teaching models, training DVD and last but not least seminars and further training opportunities form an overall concept for a professional practice. Why not become a RUCK nail correction specialist?

GOLDSTADT professional adhesive and semi brace (basic seminar)

The GOLDSTADT professional sets a new standard for the tried and tested brace model. By popular customer demand we are proud to present: a brace finished for every intended purpose. Three designs in five widths, respectively, provide the perfect brace for each nail. This basic seminar will provide you with the two easiest methods for a broad range of applications. No prior knowledge necessary- you will learn step-by-step in small working groups with the supervision of a specialist. Please feel free to contact us should you require a follow-up training.


GOLDSTADT professional classic and full braces seminar

The GOLDSTADT professional is not “well-rounded” to please the eye only. The many application possibilities and the extremely flat design have turned this brace into a “secret weapon” - even for the most complicated nail problems. In this seminar, you learn how to make full braces, and also the classic variant with individual customization. Previous experience or participation in the GOLDSTADT basic seminar can both be useful but are not a prerequisite since you will work in small groups supervised by professional podiatrists. Please feel free to contact us should you require a follow-up training.


ORTOGRIP professional seminar

The correction brace ORTOGRIP professional uses the reliable VHO Osthold principle; this is a 3-part brace with a twistable mid-section loop to exactly dose the traction. The “brace with a handle” is now easier to handle thanks to the coloured plastic component. In this seminar, you will learn all possibilities for a targeted use and the application technique. You will practice on newly developed training models and in small groups under the supervision of professionals - no prior knowledge required. Please feel free to contact us should you require a follow-up training.


RUCK’s nail correction specialist examination

Why not become a certified brace specialist? The RUCK nail correction seminars will perfectly prepare you for the examination. Do you prefer to privately study at home? Even this is possible - thanks to our comprehensive training DVD and the complex teaching models. Your advantage: You can freely manage your time during the preparatory phase. On examination day, you will have a theory test (multiple choice), practical tests on teaching models for ORTOGRIP professional and GOLDSTADT professional, supplemented by the reciprocal brace application on the foot with other examinees. You will receive a RUCK certificate confirming your successful participation and identifying you as a nail correction specialist - towards your customers, health insurances, and medical doctors.