Patient information

Dear patients,

The podiatric school offers an exclusive training concept: Not only theoretical knowledge but also hands-on practice is being taught in our own premises. For more than ten years, this is a successful concept because the subject teachers are supervising the students during their work, thus ensuring quality control. This is exactly the kind of quality requirement that is responsible for our school’s excellent reputation.

Since the treatments are supposed to be carried out under “real-life conditions”, it was necessary in the beginning to advertise the students’ treatments. In the meantime, the number of patients has grown so disproportionately that a few years ago, no more patients could be accepted.

It is evident that the news of the advantages of foot care in our treatment facility travelled fast.

  • It is low cost because only a small expense allowance needs to be paid.
  • The school offers highest hygiene standards and state-of-the-art technology.
  • The treatments are supervised and finally inspected by our subject teachers.
  • The students take a lot of time for their individual treatments

However, please consider: young professionals who obviously do not possess all the skills of professional podiatrists do the treatments. For this reason, treatments take longer and the subject teachers’ supervision might also cause time delays. Please consider these circumstances when making appointments.

Very important: Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot keep the appointment or if you fear to be late.

In other words: Please be patient and understanding!


The treatments in our school practice are priced as follows:

Podiatric treatment EURO 19,50
Partial podiatric treatment starting from EURO 10,50
Follow-up treatment / examination within one week free of charge
Nail correction brace EURO 45,00
Brace correction during podiatric treatment EURO 9,00
Brace correction without podiatric treatment EURO 15,00
Correction of prosthesis EURO 9,00
Nail reconstruction with powder + liquid EURO 10,50
Gel nail EURO 10,50
Cushion Fleecy web / Fleecy foam for the forefoot area EURO 2,00
Sulci protector EURO 0,70
Interdigital cushion, small EURO 10,50
Interdigital cushion, large EURO 16,00
Bunion sleeve, heel sleeve EURO 26,00
One wart treatment with Cryopen EURO 19,50
Complete grinding of a fungus infected large nail EURO 5,00
Complete grinding of a fungus infected small nail EURO 1,00
Foot and leg massage EURO 19,50
Foot reflexology EURO 28,00
Depilation of the leg EURO 23,50
Painting of toe nails incl. nail varnish EURO 6,50
Painting of toe nails with customer’s nail varnish EURO 4,50
Shoe disinfection with Klenz EURO 1,50

School opening hours (practice):

Mo - Thurs from 07:45am - 12:15pm
and from 1pm - 4:30pm,
no school or practice hours on Fridays