Let your well-being be a sensual experience with PeclaSANUS products. It is our policy that our range is produced as naturally and biologically neutral as possible. PeclaSANUS products will give your customers unique wellness moments. The high-quality ingredients and special treatment processes contribute to that experience. Our loyalty to the specialist trade remains; top products and competent know-how belong together. Our broadened and extensive range covers all areas to provide “the little extra” for your customers’ well-being. Be inspired and create your individual wellness program!

Hand care - naturally beautiful

PeclaSANUS hand care combines luxurious components with natural active ingredients for sensational skin and immediate effect. Masks, peelings, and the wellness massage with the hand cream will delight your customers. The subtle bamboo-lotus scent appeals to women and men alike. Open up new business opportunities with effective hand care treatments.

“Adventurous” foot baths

PeclaSANUS foot bath additives stand out for their naturalness, high-grade essences, and various textures. Bath caviare, care baths, bath salts - all help to create a feel-good effect for your customers. Also, non-foaming concentrates for effervescent baths are available. The luxurious bath salts with real flower petals are truly special and a feast for all senses.

The secret of super soft feet

Why not treat strained feet with the same intensity and care as it is already standard for cosmetic face care? PeclaSANUS peeling with sea salt or sugar gently exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates regeneration. The subsequent application of the foot mask with Aloe Vera and menthol moisturises and refreshes the skin for many hours. Spoil your customers with this very special foot wellness treatment.

Acid-base balance restored

Hyperacidity of the body is an often-underestimated cause of many health problems. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and negative stress are all factors adding to hyperacidity. A general diet change, fasting cures, and a bowel cleanse can all help to significantly improve the physical imbalance. PeclaSANUS alkaline products supplement and support a balanced acid-base status.