NATRUE | Zertifizierte Naturkosmetik

Nature has everything in store for natural skin care. Using and selling certified natural cosmetics will not only make you feel good but will also provide you with a unique selling point. The development of peclavus® products is focused on effectiveness and the use of natural ingredients – take note of the NATRUE quality label. Peclavus® is exclusively available at foot carers, beauticians, or similar professions since effective products require expert advice. Register at as approved peclavus® consultant so that customers can easily find you.


Natural ingredients for feet and care
This is a versatile beauty line with a focus on normalizing and invigorating the skin - a comprehensive range with a broad application scope and well-balanced compositions of ingredients.


Effective solutions for foot problems
This is a medically oriented product line for foot carers’ daily routine. Whether you treat mycoses or warts – peclavus® special always has the perfect product to guarantee your treatment’s success.


Soft and natural skin care
Special products for the particularly sensitive skin - soft, hypo-allergenic, and all natural. They are highly recommendable for diabetics, psoriasis, or similar highly sensitive skin conditions.


Active care and protection
The perfect line for active people, because athletic feet require professional care. All products are characterized by high efficiency and special protection function.


For kids, naturally
Skin care with fun - soft and deliciously smelling - this is what all children enjoy! Especially “small feet” should experience healthy care as early as possible. These products are perfectly suited.

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80822 Peclavus

basic Broschüre

8081201 Peclavus

special Klassiker-Set

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Geschenk-Set Recharge

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Hand Care Recharge

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Body Care Recharge

5650103 Peclavus

Body Wash Recharge

5650001 Peclavus


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sports Klassiker-Set

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