The RUCK Manufacture

Quality „made by RUCK“

What belongs together, is growing together: Our company concept is now supplemented by RUCK manufacture. Single-unit instead of assembly line production - this guarantees the highest production quality. Our manufacture is in walking distance of our headquarters and we would be more than happy to give you a tour! Come with us and discover the "transparent production” of our PODOLOG® MOON professional and master beauty chairs.

From shopping experience to production experience

Is hand crafted production even relevant in the face of mass production? We believe: “Yes, it is.” Individual manufacture of cost-intensive and sophisticated products through well-trained specialists guarantees accuracy and quality.

The RUCK Manufacture is the logical enhancement of our company concept. With this measure, we are able to finish our beauty chairs ourselves. It also means that we have comprehensive control of the production process and a maximize quality assurance.

A side benefit for our customers that production is now made transparent; they can accompany the production of their individual beauty chair and assure themselves of the correct assembly - a so-called “transparent production” process. This makes not only the sales a good experience but also the production in RUCK’s Manufacture. You are of course welcome to visit our manufacture without a specific product order. It is definitely quite exciting to look behind the scenes and get to know the people who passionately work to achieve the highest product quality.

In the RUCK manufacture, we are currently producing the beauty chairs PODOLOG® MOON professional and master. Our clients can customize their beauty chairs by selecting from two basic models, 20 colour combinations, and many other options. Here, individualization comes not at the price of a rushed production process. Generally, it takes only about ten days to manufacture a beauty chair, thanks to consistent pre-disposition of the required parts and optimized work flow processes.