RUCK NEWS 5|2016 has arrived!

Dear customers,

Quality "made by RUCK"

here are our up-to-date RUCK NEWS, full of with fresh information and attractive products. Our leading topic: treatment chairs. During treatments, the chair takes centre stage - for you and your customers in particular. The PODOLOG® MOON is a demand-oriented chair line that combines two advantages: highest manufacturing quality “Made in Germany” and technical innovation.

Treatment chairs are always an investment. It is important to compare and assess the different models; RUCK supports this process with detailed information. Michael Fürtsch, development manager and this product’s sponsor, is happy to introduce you to the PODOLOG® MOON professional chair and the specific ergonomic treatment concept related to it.

Hiking is not only a leisure pastime for the elderly but has developed into a trend for the younger ones, too. Frieda Freundlich tells you all about a very useful utensil for your customers to keep them on “the go”.

The SPECIAL OLYMPICS is special event for persons with a disability. This year, it took place in Hanover, and RUCK was part of it as product sponsor. Read more about this event that implements inclusion on a world-wide level.

PODOLOG NOVA 3, the foot carer’s top notch device, is now available at a special price for holders of the RUCK FAMILY CARD. Do not miss out on this! This also requires the perfect rotary instruments. Samuel Ruck has assembled a special instrument set - from practitioners for practitioners - which we would like to recommend to you particularly.

For many years now, PeclaSANUS® base products are our top-sellers. The interview with Petra Heiler, podiatrist in Reilingen/Germany, will give you tips and ideas on the professional use of the whole range of alkaline care products.

Enclosed, you will find a SALE leaflet and an information brochure on technical products, i.e. mesoporation, beauty chairs, and stools. These additional flyers are provided to enhance and complete the information content of our NEWS.

Last, but not least, our closing remarks: Should you have any suggestions or ideas, here, you will always find a sympathetic ear and the will to realize feasible proposals. We have realized many customer suggestions to date, therefore, please do not hesitate to share your ideas, be it about our products, advertising material, or additional information. We would like to share a continuous and lively communication with you!

Warmest regards,
Hellmut and Simeon Ruck