RUCK® NAIL CORRECTION – Successful completion of seminar week

Become a nail correction specialist in just four days? Eight participants were ready to prove during RUCK’s first brace seminar week in 2016: It’s possible! All participants enthused about the fact that this kind of training truly provides a competitive edge for their businesses. Even experienced participants gained many useful tips during the seminar. The two new brace methods GOLDSTADT professional and ORTOGRIP professional provide schools with great advantages since their application is easy to learn and the use of teaching models allows repeated practice to maximize the learning effect.

Furthermore, two participants were qualified as OFFICIAL RUCK® NAIL CORRECTION EXPERTS. You’ll find their interview at the end of this section. Generally, every ambitious foot carer has the opportunity to get further training and qualify as OFFICIAL RUCK® NAIL CORRECTION EXPERT and offer their own RUCK® NAIL CORRECTION seminars. For further information, please refer to our seminar brochure or call us: +49/7082/442-236.

Interview with Elke Maleszka and Britta Balke

Please give us brief overview of your foot care career.

E. Maleszka:1989, foot care training, 1999 - 2002, podiatric training Since 2002, lecturer and podiatric director at “Hippokrates School” in Kassel/Germany.

B. Balke: Since 2001, working in foot care, podiatric training from 2008-2011. Since 2013, podiatry lecturer at “Hippokrates School” in Kassel/Germany.

You have successfully passed the exam for the OFFICIAL RUCK® NAIL CORRECTION EXPERT. What are your thoughts on the training and on the exam?

E. Maleszka: Very good lecturers and organisation, and also excellent service.

Why did you and your school choose this training at RUCK?

E. Maleszka: It was because of the new and improved orthonyxie braces. Trainers should always be up-to-date to be able to satisfy their students. Our school also plans on providing “non-students” with seminars to extend our portfolio.

What do you appreciate the most about RUCK’s new GOLDSTADT professional and ORTOGRIP professional braces?

B. Balke: Both braces are suited for a wide application spectrum. Almost any nail problem can be fixed with a brace. The handling and adhesive properties were improved compared to other braces.

Would you recommend these new brace techniques to other schools and trainers?

E. Maleszka: Of course, podiatrists require proper training in this area of expertise.

Would you say that these techniques could be learned by interested persons without prior knowledge?

E. Maleszka: Yes, but having practical experience in foot care is a prerequisite.

In your opinion, how effective was practising on the training models?

E. Maleszka: It was highly effective because own mistakes could be immediately detected and corrected without doing any harm.

Please complete the following sentence: “For you, RUCK represents...."

E. Maleszka: ...extensive experience and very good technology paired with modern design. Also, good service and very prompt deliveries.

B. Balke: ....a very friendly, reliable, modern and innovative family company.