Interview with Petra Heiler - Consultation that is worth its while - Alkaline products in the practice

Interview mit Petra Heiler

Good day, Mrs.Heiler, thank you for your time. You are both a lecturer and a customer of RUCK’s. This makes you quite a specialist for RUCK products. Your special fields are “children’s feet” and alkaline products. What is necessary to maintain a favourable acid-base balance? Since you are using PeclaSANUS® alkaline products, which ones can you recommend the most?

I particularly recommend the “Alkaline Bath Salts” which my customers use regularly. In addition, I would also recommend the “Alkaline Tea”. I even offer it to my customers during the colder months in my own practice.

What are your - or your customers - experiences with alkaline products?

Many of my customers enjoy their regular “alkaline bath evening”. Patients suffering from arthrosis experience significant relief, in their legs especially. The bath salts can of course also be used for full baths, which is beneficial both for the locomotor system and the skin. The tea is well-liked, however, in older patients the problem of not drinking enough fluids persists. That’s why I recommend drinking one glass of water with each cup of tea to advance cleansing and flushing of the body.

My customers tell me that their skin is well hydrated after that bath and that additional use of body lotion is unnecessary. Usually, the skin’s natural moisturising properties are well sufficient, a healthy and normal body function.

Let’s move from the outside to the inside - what is your opinion on alkaline food supplements and dietary recommendations in general?

It’s always beneficial to take alkaline food supplements. Of course, this a complex topic that requires intensive advice. Personally, I enjoy drinking the alkaline tea, however, I also pay attention to keep my diet well-balanced and enjoy an alkaline health cure twice a year. Once a year, I offer an alkaline program to my customers. The program lasts about three weeks and includes physical activities like Nordic Walking. Additionally, alkaline food supplements and tea also play an important role. Within this context, I also offer basic nutritional counselling. This helps to raise the participants’ awareness for their diet.

Advising my diabetic patients in a healthy diet is especially important and an acid-alkaline balance plays a vital part. I discourage excessive consumption of animal products, particularly meat and sausages. I explain to them that in former times meat was only eaten once or twice a week. A fully vegetarian lifestyle is difficult as well because the animal protein needs to be substituted.

What is your opinion on alkaline facial and body care?

I have tried the facial care products and have also recommended them to my clients. However, I prefer the holistic approach in conjunction with alkaline health cure. For the face, I generally use the paper facial mask together with a healing clay wrap or instead, the herbal stem massage. The care products, like the body lotion, are a valuable addition. One of my clients had rather flaky skin. The application of the care products in conjunction with the alkaline treatment resulted in a significant improvement of her skin appearance.

From this extensive range of alkaline products, which one is your favourite?

I definitely favour the “Alkaline Bath Salts” with their many application possibilities.

Did you get further training on nutrition with respect to the acid-alkaline balance?

Yes, I have participated in many courses and seminars about nutrition and the acid-alkaline balance. This is a very consultation-intensive topic, which I feel very strongly about. In my opinion, further training is the basis for sensible consultations. During treatments is usually enough time for exchange. Permanently talking about your private life is certainly inadequate. I’d like to provide my clients with something “tangible”, be it from my own experience or from my other customers.

What would you recommend to your colleagues with respect to sales and consultation in their practices?

It's best to try it out personally. How about testing all application variations of the Alkaline Bath Salts, having some cups of the Alkaline Tea (And don’t forget the extra glass of water with it!), and taking a foot bath in the evening, noticing that the feet actually stay warm. Also, try out the body care products and consider visiting a seminar on this truly interesting subject. This will give you the perfect base for your consultations and sales.

Thank you, Mrs. Heiler, for this interview and many interesting suggestions.

This interview was conducted by Georg Birkner.