A new look for RUCK’s hygiene line

System and structure are indispensable for practice hygiene. It is important that hygiene products are clearly labelled. Since we feel this to be very important we have reviewed and re-designed our hygiene products’ labelling. The application area of the individual product group can now be identified by its label colour.

The product relevant information is structured in three columns: the left side details the application together with the concentration, exposure time, and active ingredients. The middle column shows the relevant product information; and application and dosage details are to the right. In addition, large symbols indicate specific product qualities and application areas, respectively:

Hand and skin hygiene Surface or wipe-down disinfection Disinfection
Instrument hygiene Spray disinfection Protection
Surface hygiene Foam disinfection Cleaning
Personal protection     Care
Laundry hygiene        

The high quality at most competitive prices and the important listing with VAH (Verband für angewandte Hygiene - Association for Applied Hygiene) is what remained unchanged. The range now also features disinfectant laundry detergent, ultrasonic cleaner, and a ready-to-use solution for instrument disinfection. The ready-to-use surface disinfection wipes are now also available in an extra large size.